The idea is to drag radio closer to our personal range. Meanwhile, regarding electronic advancement, the tendency is towards the compactness and miniaturization of the radio. This will give an opportunity to re-interpret the product form from a human-machine interface issue to a human-cultural icons relation. Looking at the radio as the sound box/entertaining mate, we have transformed the idea into the essential form of radio with more changes to experiencing it as a personal man-made thing. Part of the idea is to bring closer and more personal treatment to the user. Natural materials are also meant to give the rightness of sense toward nature.
Wood needs a special handling and treatment. This wooden radio using oil finishing technique, that is why better be saved on the dry space. For caring, just brushed the material with soft brush. And then wipe it with dry cloth. Don't forget to put on a drop of teak or pine oil on it. This product will be glowing over and over, if you were treated lovingly.