With quality of highly skilled craftsmen, it is possible to sell products with a good price and achieve market stability. Hence we can draw a conclusion that this way of designing produces low ratio of material usages and high labor capacity. To produce high quality products requires extra manpower and energy. The result of this activity can also include the worker's positive psychological growth towards achieving professionalism at work. Nevertheless, using fewer materials is not enough. As a wood consumer, I feel morally responsible towards replacing the woods that I have used. This will ensure that all manufacturing activities that I conducted would not destroy the nature. I do this by replanting every single wood that I've used from the forest. The amount of wood replanted and selected is based on our yearly wood consumption, suitable age for wood to be grown and cut, and the requirement of land per tree. We estimated that for the 40 people we could employ, we could have replanted one to two hectares of land with our selected wood. Currently, Kandangan has almost no forest land. The population is about 4.000 people. If we are to employ the whole population of Kandangan, we will abolish unemployment but most importantly, for every people we employ, we will generate more woods through our forest regeneration programs. Additionally, based on our current income, we receive USD 2.500-3.000 per month; enough to sustain 10 employees. If we are to employ 1000 villagers we would have received USD 250.000-300.000 per month - more than enough to sustain our village life. With regards to the forest regeneration, on the top of preparing our own tree seed, we are also in collaboration with a Gunung Sumbing (Mountain Sumbing) junior high school. We work together with the school to create a practical curriculum within the field of environmental generation. Four months ago, the students from this school have helped us to grow seeds. Currently, these seeds have grown into 1.000 young trees that are ready to be planted. We are planning to have these trees replanted around the school area. The students want to have schools that are surrounded by trees. All this activities are funded through a part of our sales income.