Inspired by the iconic form of a portable radio : round knobs, speaker grill, handle, telescopic antenna and the battery case, basic 'box' shape. I combine dark & light color of woods to represent the basic part of the radio. It's not easy to do, since I want it looks as wooden product not an electronic one. I want it has a strong wood aura, I think it will help to build a closer relationship to its user. The wooden radio will bring back memories of old radio, but I don't want to make an old wooden one. I want make a new wooden radio with a modern design shape and line. I enjoy trying something new, something surprising, but it comes from our daily life. If you ask me what part of this radio is my favorite? I love the back one. The unique locking system for the battery case I discovered from the traditional locking system, it so simple, functional but yet beauty. The horizontal combination of the dark & light color, round button, battery's lock, and asymmetric multi hole grill on the left seem like a perfect compositio...
You may face some difficulties for the first time you operate the radio, since I delete all things unnecessary, to make it basic & simple. But the most important is to give a change for its user to train their sense & feeling. Every radio completed with user's manual, so you can read it for just a minute, you will know everything about your new personal wooden radio. All of magno products are un-coated, we just use wood oil/wax for finishing. You need to maintain it. It will take a time to do, but keep enjoy to do that. Every radio we produce has basic size & shape, it looked similar, but the body crafted individually. Every radio is unique, you can not interchange the battery's door to other body. This personal wooden radio completed with music player connector, you can use the radio as the music player/Ipod speaker. If you use the radio at home, it would be better if you buy an electric adaptor. This radio has DC-IN terminal in the back side of the radio. You need 3V DC power supply
Size :
-Product : 18.1x11.5x12 cm.
-Box : 20.5x13x13 cm.
Weight : 1200-1400 gr.
Material : made from combination of two kind of woods. Light color is Pine Wood & the dark one is Sonokeling Wood. All in its original color.
Finishing : high quality wood oil/wax.
Inside : 2 band FM-AM receiver, we use a high quality electronic part.
Power : 3 Volt DC. Using 2x(2x1.5V)
AA size battery. DC-in 3V with external electric adaptor.
Accessories : Ipod connector.
Maintenance :
Packaging :
Inner box : corrugated cover with 2 wooden panels.
Outer box : corrugated paper single wall.
Master box :
-Substance : double wall corrugated paper.
-Size : 46x30x34.5 cm
-Content : 8 radios