Toys for Soul consist of toys that have been the part of our past. Remembering the past, back to our childhood, is an effective way of stopping a while. I have redesign those toys by simplifying their form and enhancing the wooden part. I would like to share the joy of playing with others. In my experiences, if we want to, we can get more than merely a recreational experience. Our willingness to stop ourselves for a while, percept those soft and vague feeling, making the journey into our inner selves by the process of symbolical interpretation would bring us deeper into our very own selves and give us the satisfaction of enriched soul. For me Toys for Soul is not a 'product', but a 'way through'
Product's Specs
Size :
-Box : 8.2x7.2x7.6 cm.
Content :
Yoyo, Hole-Stick, Spinner.
Weight : 125 gr/set.
-Dark color : Sonokeling
-Light color : Mahogany
-Box : Albasia wood
Finishing : high quality wood oil/wax.
Manual : availabel in English, Japanese, France.