In designing, I cannot start the process with a completed and detailed concept. This will ensure the loss of my mood and energy. Sometimes the design process is triggered with only a tiny clue from my surroundings. For me, designing is like a trip without a map. I make an effort to enjoy the process and savor the meaning of the trip.
Like any voyage, sometimes the objective is very clear but the journey is blurry or sometimes both are blurry. But in the end of the journey, I know that there will be something with a deeper meaning which awaits me.
I never start my design according to the market research or demand. I design by absorbing events, global or local events and even mundane daily life things that happen around me. Consequently, I start to think what will be good and better for these people. I am aware that I own a business, an economic activity. However, I often see that many things went wrong when people are driven by economic demands.