In terms of design process output, products for me are only mere three-dimensional objects. However, I have other important output that I want to get across to the users of my products. It is the ideology, message and spirit behind the products. Think your products as living beings that send us messages and spiritual meanings in a passive way. Our society has begun to loose these meanings and products are becoming our robot servants.
I strongly believe that the relationship between a user and a product is not merely a relationship between a subject and an object. It is a relationship where a product is an integral part of our life. The advancement of technology and competition in economy has created products with sophisticated features. On one hand, it has made tasks in our life easier to do, but on the other hand it creates a certain behavior. It creates subjects and objects behavior and at the same time it also creates fašade and provisional relationship. I believe that this behavior is a negative excess of a modern industrial way of life. We should be aware of this behavior and to change it for the better. The combinations of using natural materials in modern products are a kind of soul embodying ritual. It makes products alive. My aim is to sensitize us with the nature, just like the way it was in the past.
In designing, I endeavor to recreate unperfect and uncompleted products through minimizing the unnecessary features. This un-perfect-ness is a conscious and deliberate creation that will hopefully allow the users of our products to be deeply involved with each of them.
All of Magno products are not coated. We only apply a wooden oil to finish them. This finishing is not going to completely protect our products. However, it will give a chance to its owner to feel the wood and also to care for the wood, as the care of its owner is the only real protection of the products. I disagree with the maintenance-free approach in products. We must maintain and take care of products we buy. This is what I call as a moral obligation between product's owner and its products.
I like simple form as I believe that it will enhance the life cycle of products. The simple form with well prepared details, the usage of natural materials in our products has purposes and the built-in fragility in our products is aimed to encourage user to be deeply connected with them.
This is one effort to minimize the waste-producing society. Design for us is more than just creating a well designed product that is produced and consumed in colossal amount. Design must be a way to solve and minimize problems.
Furthermore, the usage of natural materials is also due to its psycho-materialistic property and to maximizing the scarcity of local based material. The small size functional wooden craft products will give a positive contribution in economizing the base materials and to provide work opportunities; one of many problems that are faced in Indonesian villages.