Designing small dimension but functional things from wood had been my enjoyable activities. Aside from such subjective reason, I do logically considering the ratio of utilizing this marvelous material and the amount of its positive opportunities. Small dimension of wooden product with handicraft process required only a small ammount of wood, but yet could create wider working opportunities. A well aged log of wood can give a worker the chance to work for more than a year. In my thought, a designer must become contextual, and that was why I choose to live and work in a village to give my contribution for the local environment.
I often see around my residence, many exotic woods exploited for the making of mass products with low benefit for the people who live around the materials resources. I concerned about the gross usage of wood because the forest management in Indonesia now is a long way from ideal condition. The plantation and its consumption is not balance, this will destroy the forest and endanger the environment. I think, what I should do base on my profession and my limitation as owner of small company is to maximize the ratio of materials usage and the employment create for the people around. I know save the woods is just delay the destruction of the forest, to make a sustainable forest I should plant the tree. I give a free young tree of the tree we used to the people around us to plant on their own land for every each product we shell.